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Gifts are more than just material tokens. We believe the right gifts can help you engage better with your customers and employees which translates into better client relationship and increase in employees’ morale.
July 8, 2021
Stimulate The 5 Senses With Customized Gifts For Corporate in Malaysia

Customers today are overstimulated by advertisements. Everywhere you go, you are sure to be bombarded with an array of ads, no matter online or offline. Billboards, posters, flyers, social media posts, email pitches etc can be a turn-off for customers who feel that the push-marketing strategy is “too much”. Without using these marketing techniques, how […]

July 5, 2021
How Multisensory Design Brings Value to Your Gifts

What is Multisensory Design?   Multisensory design incorporates more than one sense (touch, smell, sound, sight and taste) in its design to trigger emotion and memory to heighten the customers’ experience. The most memorable experience has always been multi-sensorial. I’m sure all of us have at least one great memory associated with food. Think about […]