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Thoughtful Gifting

Our attentive approach involves actively listening and gaining insights into the recipient of the gift and their significance to you, to ensure a thoughtful gift.

Personalized Gifting

We carefully examine the nuanced details of the relationship between you and the recipient, allowing us to craft a truly meaningful and personalized gift.

Personalized Branding

We will craft a personalized gift that aligns with your brand's values and reinforces the relationship with the recipient.

Bulk Solutions

Our solution are designed for bulks order with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of at least 100 set merchandise per order.

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Prudential MDRT Trophy

AIA Elite Academy Gift Set

FedEx Money Packet

Shell First Oil Project

Prudential MDRT Trophy

The Prudential MDRT 100 Challenge Trophy, meticulously crafted by the skilled artisans at Inetolgift, stands as an emblem of excellence and achievement. This magnificent trophy embodies the spirit of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) community, representing the highest standards of professionalism in the financial services industry.

Designed with intricate details and fine craftsmanship, it showcases the dedication and hard work of the elite MDRT members. The trophy's elegant contours and gleaming finish symbolize the pinnacle of success attained by these exceptional individuals. As a testament to their unwavering commitment, the Prudential MDRT 100 Challenge Trophy serves as an everlasting reminder of their remarkable accomplishments.

Client - Prudential Malaysia
Year - 2021

AIA Elite Academy Gift Set

The AIA Elite Academy appreciation gift set, thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted by Inetolgift, is a testament to the gratitude and recognition bestowed upon the esteemed members of the AIA Elite Academy.

This exquisite set includes a custom-made felt pouch, providing a stylish and practical storage solution. The lanyard and PU card holder offer convenience and professionalism, allowing members to showcase their affiliation with pride. The Lapel Pin adds a touch of elegance and serves as a symbol of achievement. Additionally, the Eco Bamboo Pen, crafted from sustainable materials, promotes environmental consciousness. Each item within this meticulously curated gift set embodies the excellence and value synonymous with the AIA Elite Academy.

Client - AIA Elite Academy Malaysia
Year - 2022

FedEx Chinese New Year Money Packet

The FedEx Chinese New Year Money Packet, expertly designed and crafted by Inetolgift, is a celebration of tradition and auspiciousness. With its exquisite flower die-cut design, this unique packet symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. Available in two vibrant color sets, Red and Turquoise, it offers a delightful choice for recipients. Made with pearl shine material, the packets exude elegance and sophistication. The meticulous attention to detail, combined with the superior craftsmanship, ensures that each packet becomes a cherished keepsake.

Whether it's for personal or corporate gifting, the FedEx Chinese New Year Money Packet is a perfect blend of cultural significance and artistic beauty, embodying the joy and blessings of the festive season.

Client - FedEx Malaysia
Year - 2020

Shell First Oil Project

The Shell First Oil Celebration and Appreciation Book, meticulously designed and expertly produced by Inetolgift, is a remarkable tribute to a significant milestone in the petroleum industry. This extraordinary book showcases a drop of the historic first batch of oil extracted from the newly inaugurated oil plant. Encased within a block of crystal, this precious artifact symbolizes the pioneering spirit and technological advancements of Shell.

The book's pages unfold with captivating images and captivating narratives, chronicling the journey and achievements of this monumental event. As a testament to innovation and excellence, the Shell First Oil Celebration and Appreciation Book serves as a timeless keepsake, honoring the collective efforts and triumphs of all involved in this groundbreaking achievement.

Client - Shell Malaysia
Year - 2019

As a premium gifts supplier for corporate in Malaysia,
Inetolgift focus more than just beautiful

The perfect gifts are not just the most beautiful, but the most meaningful. This is what the Inetolgift team believes in and this is what we are 100% committed to providing to each and every client, be it local, national or international.

For us, great ideas begin with appreciation. Why? Because we understand you want to make a lasting impression, you want to show your appreciation and above all you want your clients, employees, and potential partners to know that you truly value their work.

To ensure that the promotional gifts that we curate are meaningful and relevant to the recipients, our gift senseis are well and constantly trained to keep up with the vibrant, ever-changing world, so that every promotional gift we pick is perfect for your campaign, be it to increase your sales & marketing effort or enhance your corporate image, and even employees engagements.