The selection of a gift
is a stringent process
at Inetolgift. 



We begin by listening to your story.


Secondly, we learn about the recipient of the gift and what they mean to you. 


Then, we examine the nuances of the bond between you and the recipient. 


Only after that, would our gift senseis start utilising their mastery of the five senses to curate the perfect gift for you. One that is more than just a keychain or bottle opener picked from a catalogue. One that is not just special, but sensible.

The Five Senses

As the Gift Sensei, Inetolgift imagines that beauty can be found using the five senses – touch, smell, hear, taste and sight. Thus, we painstakingly curate our gifts around these five inter-linked essences to ensure that the receivers will not only receive a mere memento but will also savour an aesthetic experience.



Our Unique 5 Senses Customized Gifts For Corporate

Most people are familiar with the 5 senses : touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. To play a stronger impact in influencing customers’ perception of your corporate brand, we utilize multi-sensorial experience to establish a more positive emotion connection with them. It is becoming common knowledge that the coming marketing strategy implementation in most of businesses could be sensorial branding. Get the buyers emotion to your offerings and services. If the user isn’t having a great time, none of it matters.

Today, taking advantage of sensory marketing is one of the smartest ways for brands to trigger emotion and maintain engagement. So regardless of whether you’re giving away drinking mugs, Pens or Gadgets or even uniforms, this is a tactic you can use to grow your brand.

We Always Keen To Deliver The Best Personalized Branded Gifts

Our mission is to help you to deliver your gratitude and build lasting connections through the sensory experience of your customer whether it’s scent, visual, music, taste or touch from the fingertips. As senses are directly trigger emotion, the experience of sensorial touch appeals in your gift leaves a lasting impression of the brand recognition.

Inetolgift Senseis Would Love To Hear More From You

Our gift Senseis will start by listening to your story, after we learn about the bonding between you and your recipient we will be utilising our mastery of the five senses to curate perfect premium gifts that is more than just an unforgettable experience. They’ll be meaningful and impactful memories of you and your brand. By this, the engagement between you and your receiver will be increase which leads you to a more powerful connections to your brand or events. We come up with extraordinary gifts, designed to be powerful sensorial branding that is more meaningful and compelling yet balanced.

After all, emotions are at the heart of the perceptions that we build about brands. It is one of the most effective ways to deliver unforgettable customer interactions. The more you engage the senses, the more of an impact you’ll give to your customers.

Let’s look closer on sensorial branding.